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License Terms

Our Terms and License Conditions

This site contains a lot of artwork that you love; therefore we would like to explain our terms and conditions, so as to lessen any confusion. All of the images on this site are the property of © Vernelle A. A. Noel and © Thinking Insomniac. The work is covered by the Creative Commons License 3 which allows you to use the work for personal purposes without payment and with attribution. We encourage you to go to the above link and read the terms. Please, always link to the work when you use it online, whether for personal use or in commerce. We thank those of you who have done a great job at this.

Personal purposes may include the following: Your personal, non-business, non-business promotional blog. Your personal Facebook page, your personal Pinterest page, etc. If you use the work in commerce, in connection with work (which may mean on a website, in a presentation, a show, printed in business related materials, etc.), then you need to seek our permission, which you can do here. We may require payment of a license fee for the use of the work.

We do not consider individual printing of single images on normal 8 x 11 office copier paper to be commercial use, even if it is posted in your place of work. We are not a corporation and your support really matters a lot.

Thanks a lot,
Vernelle and The Team

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